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20th February 18
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Curriculum in Action

Numeracy in KS1


We have been measuring, weighing, doing our times tables, telling the time and lots of other number work.

Early Years Counting


We were learning to count using the special counting bus.

History: the Victorians


For the last term we have been studying the Victorians.  As part of this project we visited Beamish museum.  Below you can see us arriving and a typical Victorian street.


Next we visited a dentist's surgery and a Victorian house.

All the tools in the dentist's surgery looked quite scarey.

The house was quite small, but had a long garden so people could grow lots of their own vegetables.

Many wealthier Victorian people travelled by horse and carriage so they needed stables to house them.

For heavy work the Victorians often used steam engines like the one in the picture.

Next we visited a bakery. The bread was crusty and very tasty.  It wasn't sliced and wrapped like a lot of our bread is today.

We ate our lunch on the bandstand. This is where bands would play music to entertain the local people.  This was very popular as there were no television, radio or cd players in those days.

Another form of transport in towns was the tram.  This was like a bus that ran on rails and, in the early days, was pulled by a horse.  You can see these in the pictures.

We next visited a shop, a church and an office.

The church was very like what we would expect to see today, but the shop and office were very different.  The shop sold many items loose rather than in packets and the office had no computers or other electronic aids.

We went next to a coal mine and tried on safety hard hats.  Mining was very dangerous and dirty.  There were often accidents in which miners were killed or injured and there were no showers, so the miners had to go home at the end of their shift covered in coal dust and bathe in a tin bath in the kitchen.

We ended the day by having a lesson in a Victorian school room.

We had to sit in rows on hard wooden benches and were not allowed to speak unless the teacher asked us a question.  Victorian teachers were very strict and would hit children with a cane if they misbehaved.

For some lessons we wrote on slates.  When we finishhed our work it could be rubbed out and the slates used again.

Sometimes we wrote on paper with metal pens that we had to dip in ink.  This was quite hard and it was very easy to make a mess with the ink.

Later we played with metal hoops in the play ground.  There was no apparatus or anything else to play with as we have at our school.

We enjoyed ourselves very much at the museum and learned a lot about what it was like to live in Victorian times.

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